Are You Spending More Time Working On IT

Than Working On Your Business?

  • Are you unhappy with your current IT guy?

    Are your IT costs getting out of control?

    Does every IT issue feel like a crisis?

  • Are you unsure whether your devices are up to date?

    Do you need an antivirus but not sure what's right for you?

    Are you ready to become proactive instead of reactive to IT issues?

24/7 Monitoring & Maintenance

24/7 monitoring gives us insight to potential problems, with enough foresight to create a plan and execute instead of constantly operating in a environment of crisis.

Remote Support For Fast Diagnosis And Repair

Remote support allows seamless diagnosis and repair that speeds the process so employees spend less time troubleshooting and more time being productive.

Your Technology Partner #SquadGoals

Contracts provide the foundation of a committed relationship- because that’s what this is. We want to be your partner in technology, not just your service provider.


Our services proactively defend against IT challenges that cost money and time. We’ve found that the most common issues office workers run into can be resolved in under 15 minutes, when they seek the assistance of an IT professional. Otherwise, they can lose an hour or more of productivity!

Are your employees wasting time troubleshooting IT?

Get them back to work, contact us today.


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Meet Our Lead IT Rami!

Rami opened the CPU Squad in January 2008. His vision from day one has always been a team of tech lovers working together to enhance the lives within their community through the power of technology.

​Even though the squad has grown to service 3 counties, Rami always makes time for the emergency printer failure, the failed hard drive 3 hours before a big presentation and most importantly, the quick question you just can't get answered by those geeks and geniuses.

It's his passion and dedication to quality service that inspires the rest of the squad to create a company so loved by the community of south Florida.

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